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I have been a member since 1999 - I joined at an Open House. In a nutshell, my daughter learned to share and interact, and I got out of the house and made some really great friends these past 3 years. I LOVE the meetings and mother's nights out!
-- Jen

I was involved in Mothers & More in New Hampshire when my husband accepted a new job in Memphis, a place where we knew no one. Before we even moved, I made sure there was a Mothers & More chapter here. Having an instant resource like this group made the transition so much easier. For me personally, I've always most enjoyed the monthly meetings. I feel like they are little professional development workshops every month. I now am really enjoying getting more involved with the organization and collaborating with great women to make great things happen!
-- Lisa D.

A great way to connect not only with the community, but with other mothers around the country. "A social life in a box."
-- Becca

It took me a few months to get to a meeting after I found out about the group. I wish I had overcome my initial hesitation of the unknown and called earlier because joining the group has been more rewarding for me than I would have ever thought. Working on the committees and participating in the meetings has given me great opportunities to get to know women I like and admire. Mothers & More helps me keep the balance in life by giving me opportunities to nurture and affirm myself so that I am not overwhelmed by motherhood. Mothers & More has also been my saving grace for my son. I knew it was going to be a challenge for me to find him new friends quickly after our move to Memphis. Mothers & More gave my son a welcoming group of kids to play with. Kids that he could count on seeing next time so he could start developing friendships. My son adjusted to our new home much more quickly once we started going to the playgroups.
-- Anne

We have lived in Memphis for 4 years and I have been a member of Mothers & More for almost 2 years. Since we are transplants to Memphis, Mothers & More has been a great way to meet other mothers and playmates for my 2 sons. I feel comfortable that if I have any kind of problems or concerns, there are several ladies out there that can say, "This is what I did when we went through that... "
-- Cindy

Mothers And More is like having a bestfriend, pediatrician, teacher and therapist all rolled into one!

For more information email us or call us at 901-872-4MAM

Memphis/Shelby County
Chapter No. 117