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Chapter History
(an interview with our founder, Becca)

When was the chapter started?
I started it in the fall of 1995 after moving back to Memphis from Indianapolis.

Why did you decide to start the chapter?
I found that I had gotten so much from my chapter (in Indianapolis) even in such a short time (8 months). Therefore when I moved back home and there was not a chapter here, I knew I had to start one. For me as much as for other women.

Were you the only one involved with its beginnings?
I was the first one to initially start the chapter, but after about 4 months, a few members joined who were committed and want to volunteer and all at once it just came together.

How has the chapter changed over the years?
I've seen so many changes. Our first year or so, we were very small with no more than 15 members. But over the years, we have grown and expanded our programs to include such fun things! There were no email loops in the beginning, nor was there much of a newsletter. Thankfully with volunteers who put forth effort, enthusiasm, and their skills, we have become a very strong chapter reaching out to Mothers as friends and more.

How do you feel Mothers & More has helped our members?
I think it really makes us focus on just how important mothers are. And that we can think about ourselves and care for ourselves, even pamper ourselves, and by doing this, we make better mothers and wives. Mothers & More gives us a vehicle to accomplish this. I think too, that by offering various volunteer opportunites in both the local and national level, we can acquire new skills or polish old ones to help in our futures (or current employment).

Could you have lived without Mothers & More?
Well, yes, but my life would not have been filled with opportunities, friendships, skills, activities, etc. In the last 7 years, I have gained many new friends, both here and across the Nation. I have friends on loops that we have shared our lives yet, I have never laid eyes on them. On the local level, 3 or 4 of my closest friends have been because of Mothers & More. And the other friendships (not the close ones) give me more than I could ever repay. I've seen us come together to help one another, to share the good times, to be ears to hear, and more.

For more information email us or call us at 901-872-4MAM

Memphis/Shelby County
Chapter No. 117